Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Pauper Gauntlet S03R04 Week Two

We are now in the middle of round four. The decks are now fighting for their lives but there is still hope of a voteback if you get eliminated. The voteback happens after this round ends on February 7th, 2016.

What is the Pauper Gauntlet?
All about the Pauper Gauntlet Season 03:
All the deck lists:

The banning of Cloud of Faeries
 Two decks are in trouble because of the banning of Cloud of Fairies: Delver and Blue Bichinho. The brewers have now modified their decks and both decks are still in the Pauper Gauntlet S03.

Round four
Round fouris played in the Tournament Practice room and if a deck loses it is elmiinated from the Pauper Gauntlet (unless voted in the voteback). Here are all the results of round four so far
43 decks bravely walked into round four, ready to fight to the death.

UG Madness defeats Delver 2-0
Infect defeats AzKitty 2-0
Rakdos Vampires loses to Cavern Control 1-2
Counter-Kitty dies to Dimir Teachings 1-2
Stompy Tokens vs Angler Delver 2-1

Death Control vs Snow Zoo Quitter 2-0
BUGS & Pigs vs Burn 0-2
UB Trinket Control vs MBC 0-2
Kuldotha Mardu vs Grixis Valuetown 2-1
Bant Sword and Shield vs AzKitty 2-1

Aristocrats vs Dimir Control 2-0
MUC vs Bant Fog 2-0
Stompy vs RUG Tron 2-0

9-4 gives a total score of 18-7 for round four so far. Round four ends this upcoming week.

Below are the results from R04 matches from last week:

Izzet Cooldotha defeats Orzhov Extort 2-1
RUG Tron makes short work of Elrond, Legolas and Friends (Elves) 2-0
Shroudfang Ninja is defeated by Orzhov Metalcraft 1-2
WW Soul Tokens defeats Hexproof 2-1
Goblin Storm Combo goes off against Grixis Counterburn 2-1

White Heroes defeats Dimir Control 2-0
Burn fights a GW Tokens Essence Warden deck and still wins 2-1
Flying Ninjas dies to Dimir Control 1-2
Turbo Zoo falls to AzoriusKitty 1-2
BorosKitty Initiated defeats Burn 2-0

Simic Oracle races Burn 2-1 somehow. Rancor is a good card.
Black Auramancer wins against Burn as well, 2-0

What happens now?
 Round four will end on Sunday Feb 7 and then we will have the voteback. 36 decks are still alive and three more will return via the voteback.

The preliminary format for the Voteback is that every viewer gets three votes and three decks are brought back into the Gauntlet. A deck that is voted back can be from any round - i.e. even the decks that lost during double elimination can come back after the Voteback.

The Eliminations before this round
Round four eliminations so far: Counter-Kitty, BUGS & Pigs, UB Trinket Control, Rakdos Vampires, Flying Ninjas, Turbo Zoo and Shroudfang Ninja.
44th place: Shared by the 26 decks eliminated in round threeAffinity, Exhume Control, Familiars, Rebel Grind, Pestilence Control, Encroaching Blight, Green Grifters, The Pauper Gauntlet, Project X, Tortured Toolbox, RG Land Crusher, RG Landfall, DelverFiend, Eggs, Spiteful Leeches, Gary Busey LD, Selesnya Flash, Abzan Grindhouse, Bant Fog, Crocajund, BUG Proliferators, Evil Allies, Land-o-derm, Pig Trinket, Sultai Delve, 5-color Green
70th place: Shared by nine decks that died during double Elimination, (round one and two): Red Land Destruction, Mono Black Land Destruction, Glass Cannon Red, Tortured Madness,  Cheaty Morph, Living End, 1-land Spy, UB Justice Control and Dragon Delve.

Round 1 ended 56-22 (72% match win rate)
Round 2 ended 13-9 (59% win)
Round 3 ended 43-26 (62% win)

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