Sunday, January 31, 2016

Phantom Sealed: change in prize structure

Simply put, a Phantom Event is a limited format tournament in which the cards players use for the event are temporary and provided by Magic Online exclusively for the duration of the event. The temporary cards will not be added to the players' collections after the event.

Starting with 17 February, the price structure of Phantom Sealed Swiss will be a little bit more generous.

Phantom Sealed Swiss:
Entry options: 6 Event Tickets or 60 Play Points
Payout: 3 wins: 90 Play Points, 2 wins: 60 Play Points, 1 win: 20 Play Points

Four-booster Sealed are gone. Firstly, the format was confusing and some players submitted 40-card decks even though the deck-building scene information said only 30 cards were necessary. Secondly, the four-booster Sealed were six times less popular than Phantom Sealed Swiss and it took some time to gather enough players to fire the event.

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