Sunday, January 3, 2016

What else may be unbanned in Modern?

Recently, some rumours were spread about unbanning Stoneforge Mystic in Modern. I quess this topic is exhausted now, but I will put in my pennysworth about other safe unbans in Modern. How about:
  • Ancestral Vision - lately Dan explained what 4-ofs is. You want definately to have this card in your opening hand. If you consider playing Ancestral Vision you are forced to use a playset or none. It enables you to draw 3 cards on turn four, but on the flip side you do not want to draw Ancestral Vision in late game, usually it will be a useless card then. We do not have a true control deck in Modern, so unbanning it may be incentive for new archetypes.
  • Sword of the Meek - a combo with Thopter Foundry, which enables you to gain 1 life and 1/1 creature for 1 mana. Is this two-card combo too powerful, wheras Splinter Twin is around? I'm afraid not. It is just too slow. Additionally, there are too many maindeck answers to stop it, such as Abrupt Decay or Kolaghan's Command.
  • Dread Return - in a format where there is no Bazaar of Baghdad, Breakthrough or even Grand Coliseum a Dredge deck will not become a tier1 and Dread Return would not fit to any other deck. We have reanimating spells in Modern right now, for instance Unburial Rites and we may cheat Elesh Norn into play if we want to. In my opinion, Living End deck is just more efficient equivalent strategy. 
On ther other hand, I will not ban anything. The metagame is diversified and none deck is dominating or totally unfair. What are your thought about (un)bans in Modern?