Friday, March 8, 2013

Buying Small, Selling Big - The Limits Tab

Buying Small, Selling Big

Sometimes when you are getting started with a small investment you can be afraid to devote all of your tickets to big money cards. Cards can plummet in price and when you need to make profits on every trade to expand it can be scary holding onto a card worth 20 tickets or more. ML bot gives us options to deal with this and allow us to do some things to minimize the risk and/or even make a profit on high value trades.

To minimize our risk of losing on big money cards that have a sudden drop in value or investing everything we have in a single card and retaining a very small inventory MLBot provides Pro users with the limits tab. The limits tab is used to set the maximum buying and minimum selling price for commons, uncommons, rares, mythics and booster/avatars.

Red – Selling Limit
Selling limits dictate the minimum price your bot will let a card go for. This is a very useful way to make sure that everything within a card rarity is sold for at least a decent price.

Blue – Buying Limit
Buying limit is the maximum your bot will offer for any card in a particular rarity. So if a card is valued at 100 and you set your max to 20 you will only offer 20 tickets for that particular card. Some users might not appreciate such a low ball offer for their valuable cards but it can prevent you from buying something you don’t want or might be mistakenly priced.

Green – Booster/Avatar Limits
Similar to the selling limit and buying limit for cards these options will dictate the maximum and minimum prices your bot will buy and sell avatars and boosters at.

Orange – Do Not Buy For More
This section allows you to specify if you are even willing to buy a card that is of greater or lower value than what is specified. This is very useful to prevent your bot from buying junk cards that will never sell.


  • You very much reduce the possibility of spending all of your capital on a few expensive cards


  • You likely will not end up paying fair value for high value cards and customers may feel cheated
  •  You may pass up opportunities to buy cards because of your settings

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