Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Uptime Bar & Blacklist

We introduced yesterday two new features on the Online Control Panel: the Uptime Bar and the Blacklist.

The Uptime Bar is a log of the status (online/offline) of your bot. It records the online/offline availability of your bot and show it for the last two days. A blue bar means that the bot was online, while a red bar means that it was offline.

The Blacklist is, as the name itself says, a tool to prevent specific users from trading with your bots. Use it wisely :)

The Uptime Bar is available directly in the Dashboard while the Blacklist is available with a click on the proper button on the left.


  1. Plan u give status bar into wikiprice too?I think will be nice saw what bots are online when some1 search in wikiprice.

  2. I really like the Uptime bar. All of my bots are showing as completely blue, but this will change with the downtime today.

    I still would love to adjust the time zone which the bot and the control panel run.

  3. The downtime should not affect your uptime, because the bot "is running", even if Mtgo is down. The bot is smart enough to detect the downtime.

  4. Amazing uptime bar! Mine is 96%... loving the tooltip too! :)

  5. I'm getting blocked by several bot chains now. I have existing credit so this is nothing less than theft. To top it off most say it's because 1 person said I abused his rules ,which in fact he now says I didn't.
    Well ,People blocking me and stealing my credit for no real reason is frustrating. So frustrating that I have been yelling at WoTC for weeks now. They recently released a new rule ,that will allow them to Ban Bot chains ,that block people from using their existing credits ,as theft.

    Now that the bot can be set to limit the amount of purchases ,this will prevent most situations from happening ,but does not resolve the issue I have found.

    I would suggest not to blindly block someone on the word of another with no real evidence and no proof. Especially over something trivial.

    I will be reporting several bot chains very soon. I apologize now if you lose your accounts ,all card and tickets on them.