Thursday, March 7, 2013

Comments on Uptime Bar & Blacklist

The website got two (2) new features this week; an uptime meter and a global blacklist.  What are they and more importantly, why would you want them?

The uptime meter shows how often your bot has been up during the previous two (2) days.  It’s not so much the bar itself, but the information it can deliver, especially when used in conjunction with the dashboard.  Now that the website is optimized for phones and tablets, it is much easier to keep an eye on what your bots are doing.  It is especially convenient to quickly cycle through your bots and if one of them is down, you can immediately see the problem and if you have a VPN program installed on the same machine as the bot, can remote into that machine and fix the problem.  (If there is enough interest in this, let me know and I’ll write an article about that procedure.)

The other much discussed detail is the global blacklist.  The procedure itself is not too difficult; click on the tab, enter the person to be blocked and from that time forward, whenever that person opens a trade with your bot, the bot will withdraw the trade.

But why would you want to do this

If you notice that someone has taken twelve copies of a card from a LITE bot you run, you might consider blacklisting that person.

If you notice a person opens a trade and does nothing for the entire trade window and consistently does this, you might consider blacklisting that person.  (This used to be a problem several years ago when there were not so many bots, but nowadays, this happens quite rarely.)

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