Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Features for MTGO Library V4 (Part2)

In these series I will share my wishes (and yours) of new features that we want on MTGO Library V4. Some of these have been 'promised', others are yet to be revealed and 'requested'. Feel free to share  your ideas about these new features discussed or to give new ones for the next posts. Thank you.

Improved Auto-Transfers

What can be improved?

  • Improvements on Start/End time: Allow to set the auto transfer for less than 1 hour. Such as starting at 1PM and finish at 1:15PM for example.
  • Automatic Stop: if after 3 or 4 trades the bot is no longer transferring cards (just cancels trade) the bot could stop the auto-transfer until the next start time.
  • Ability to Mark cards tradable at the start time, or, request the target bot to mark all tradable.
  • Different picking up card methods: Such as using the "buying cards" methods, scanning the collection or wishlist (and picking 3 of a card if you need 3 and not 1 of each needed card per trade).

Is it possible?

Start and End times with 15 minutes or 30 minutes intervals should be "easy" to implement.
Ability to mark cards tradable should also be easy and the ability to ask another bot to mark tradable already exists (markalltradable) yet is not implemented into the auto transfers as it is just an admin command.
The buying scan methods are already coded so this could just be a new command such as "OBWhatYouBuy" (example)
The automatic stop might be a bit harder to setup as this would be a void to the "end time", but only the MTGO Library staff can reply to that one

Pros and Cons? 

Smaller auto transfer intervals are ideal for small bot chains which could benefit from more regular short auto-transfer intervals (such as 15 min every 4 hours) instead of longer and less regular intervals (such as 1 hour every day), no cons on this one.
The ability to stop automatically also sounds great to any bot owner, giving the freedom to set a 1 or 2 hour interval without worrying that the bot will be endlessly opening and cancelling trades, yet this would have to be set up as 2 or 3 trades in a row without cards as a "trigger" to auto-stop, as the first trade might have no cards at all (in the case of relying on the mark all tradable feature).
The ability to request or mark all the cards tradable at the start of transfer time is my personal favorite as my bots don't automatically mark cards tradable after every trade and this is something I currently have to do manually, yet, I cannot see any "cons" for this one aswell.

The buying cards picking up method would also speed up the auto transfer process (specially on wishlist mode), but this would have some a flaw, which is when the bot picks 75 cards (wishlist mode) that he needs but happen to be from different sets and remove them (not picking the ones he would actually need due to the small current trade limit), I don't think I could fault it on scanning mode.

Will this feature be in the MTGO V4?

I haven't requested anything like this for MTGO Library v4, but if you are interested in any of these features, please comment and give your ideas, because if this is on many of us, bot owners, wishlist I'm sure Albert will have a go at implementing these exciting features.

What are your thoughts on these features? Will they have any use for your bots? Any new features you would like to see discussed for next part? Leave a comment bellow!

Next feature Hint: Pricelist

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