Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The true value of Commons and Uncommons

 Hello fellow botters,

Today I am going to talk about the value of commons and un-commons in the botting world. I truly believe that they are the puzzle piece in botting that everyone is just not quite sure where to place. The truth is they yield the highest profit percentage than any other rarity, last month alone I made over $500 on just commons and uncommons.

Lets start off by answering some questions that I get daily:

Should I even buy and sell Commons/Uncommon?

Yes. They can yield up to 2000% profit. Even if you buy 10,000 commons at .002 it cost you 20 tickets there is no reason not to. Its such a small investment for such large profit percentages. Ex. I buy Ultimate price  for about 2 cents and sell for 12 I buy and sell almost 10 a day, potentially that could be 30 tickets a month from just 1 card.

What should uncommon and commons be priced at?

Buy low, sell normal.  I buy my commons and Uncommons between -30% and -80% and sell at even or -5%. I believe setting great buying prices on your rares and mythics will attract people to your bots, but they may also dump off some good c/un to you as well.

People like one stop shops, if you only sell rares and mythics then they have to use another bot. This could stop them from coming back to your bot, not to mention loss of profit for you if you don't supply them. Keep in mind you don't need to buy more than 4 of each card, there are 984 commons and uncommons in standard, if you bought them at an average of .012 x 4 of each that is only and investment of 43.23 tickets.

You could use personal prices to narrow it down to only buy the playable commons/uncommons. Either way there is no reason not to buy them because at the end of the day they are what's  really putting food on the table.

If you have any other questions about Commons and Uncommons write a comment on this blog or email me at

Also I asked Albert if he would throw in a Lifetime Lite bot offer for me for this blog. From now till March 30th, 2013 lifetime Lite bots are only $130. Email me for details.

Modo handle: Teamstoge


  1. I've been wanting to add commons and uncommons to my bots for a couple weeks now, but I have never gotten to it. I will get there eventually.

  2. Hey man why are the statistics on the site down?

    1. With Internet explorer they don't work so well, I suggest upgrading to google chrome.

  3. Michael, the statistics are working fine - in the Tradelog, in the Collection History and in the Card Log.... in which part are you experiencing the problem?