Thursday, March 28, 2013

Player Run Event

What is a PRE?
PRE stands for Player Run Event. Some who are unfamiliar with the unofficial avenues of tournament play may ask what a player run event is. A player run event is a tournament that is held by players typically in a designated chat room every week that is sponsored by a bot or bot chain. Entry to the event is free which draws in quite a large group of players. Prizes are awarded to tournament winners in the form of credit on a sponsoring bot.

How Does Sponsoring a PRE Help You?
Sponsoring a PRE costs you tickets and cards so how can it help you in the long run? The idea is that you bring new customers to your bot as well as create a relationship of trust and dependence with the event participants and community. Repeat customers are a huge part of a successful bot and getting your brands name out there as a supporter of the community can be your golden ticket to success.

The Costs of Sponsorship
You will have to put down tickets and cards to sponsor the event. In a typical situation you have the tournament winner payout, the payment for the individual hosting the event and any door prizes you wish to hand out. 

Different Levels of Sponsorship
Each of us is at a different place with what our bots are capable of and how large we have grown. With that said it’s not always wisest for the little guys to be sponsoring a weekly event if it costs them more than they can afford to lose. However there are different levels of participation. 

Mid-level Sponsorship
You don’t have to be responsible for payouts of an event to contribute and get your name out there. Those of us who cannot outright sponsor an event have the option to partner up with another chain of similar ability to contribute. Instead of paying 20 credits yourself every week you could pay 10 each with another sponsor.

Pauper-level Sponsorship
For those who cannot or do not wish to pay out quite so much but still wish to sponsor also have the option to perform small giveaways. Some giveaway ideas include door prizes (Giving out rare cards to random participants), Trivia (Showing up a half hour before the event starts and giving out credits for answering trivia questions) and/or offering special deals with your chain to those who participate.

Sponsoring PREs is a great way to give back to the community. It can be very emotionally and financially fulfilling  as you set yourself apart from other bot chains who do not engage socially.

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