Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trade Limit to 400 - official support from ML Bot coming 2nd April

After the downtime of today, Magic Online will be able to process trades up to 400 items. The current limit of 75 items will thus be raised to 400. 

ML Bot is already able to handle 400 cards in a single trade, but we want to keep this feature off until 2nd April, because we want a few extra days to monitor the market and evaluate some tunings.

Here at we are very pleased about the rise of the limit and we think this will increase the sales. For instance it will remove the burden of purchasing high-value cards such as Force of Will and it will accelerate the autotransfers between bots.
Another example of good effect is the buying mode: customers are more willing to sell cards for 1+ tixs (because the will *take* some tixs) than 0.8 tixs. Reaching a 1+ tixs value in a single trade will be easier with 400 cards.


  1. The bot is pretty buggy after the trade limit increase. It picks up to 400 cards but then keeps searching, and then removes cards taking a really really long time.

  2. what about allowing us to set a price for commons at 0.0025 (400 for 1?) :P hehe

    1. This is something that I would like to see too.

  3. I can confirm Davids comment! Currently the bot is not working for trades over 75 cards

  4. Yes, the bot is not working for trades > 75 cards because we are keeping the limit. Tomorrow we will probably remove it and the bot will be able trade up to 400 cards. We are just finishing the latest tests, to be sure that everything works as expected

  5. Indeed just watched my bot wanting to buy 400 cards (wich means i wanted even more and then proceed to remove them 1 by 1... It'll be great once we get this going!

  6. all my bulkbots are picking 400 cards then removing them. annoying indeed.
    Makes them kinda unusable

  7. 4/2 is when this is going to be fixed. I have not really noticed it affecting my bots really.