Sunday, March 3, 2013

MTGO Library Bot 5.69 is out

ML Bot 5.69 fixes a couple of bugs of 5.67 and 5.68, namely some bizarre chat movements at the end of the trades and a wrong click on the Mtgo Collection filters, causing the tixs not to be made tradable (thanks Kim).

Among the new features, ML Bot 5.69 restarts Magic Online if it takes more than 850 MB of RAM. This is the best way to fix Mtgo memory leakage, much better than a timed restart (which still holds, for safety reasons).


  1. Would be interesting, but probably a bit difficult to code, a check on all the other processes and eventually an automated email: "Hey, your bot is having problem with the RAM because 'process X' is taking to much memory and/or processor".
    You know, just to better monitor the health of your machine from remove: after all Windows was not designed to run 24/7

  2. the thing is a VM Stripped XP needs about 2.2gb of ram to run mtgo library bots before 5.69. (people that think less is enough is because they are using Virtual memory within the VM) witch is a SSD Killer

  3. I wonder how this bot update will affect one of my bots that I have running on my 1GB Ram laptop. When I restart tonight I will give an update.

  4. @TheStein: it should not affect your bots. Magic Online takes the same amount of memory regardless of the total you have on the laptop (the mechanism is the swap on the hard drive).