Saturday, March 16, 2013

Four Hundred


400 is 20 squared.
400 is a Devlali Number.

400 is a Harshad number.

While these are interesting facts to those who study mathematics, it has a more potent use for us bot owners: the trade cap will increase from the current standard of 75 to 400.

This has quite a few implications and natural consequences.

First of all, collection and bulk transfers will be done in fewer trades.  What used to take five (5) trades can now be done in one.  This makes the tedious process of moving inventory from one bot to another easier to handle.

Secondly, customers will be able to do more impulsive purchases since no longer will they remove cards, cards they desire but deselect, because of the arbitrary 400 card limit.  This is good for us.

But there is something we all should consider: some bot owners have very short trade windows, five (5) minutes or less.  For some, this is necessary.  However, with a limit of 400 cards, a customer would need more time when making a purchase.  

Bonus tip: You may want to consider educating your customers about the 400 card limit.  I know that I have a few customers who still think the limit is 32 and their trade logs prove it.

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