Sunday, March 17, 2013

Magic Online promo codes

"As Magic continues to grow, we are constantly looking for additional ways to engage our audience and provide ways that we can integrate the paper and online experiences. We are pleased to announce that on March 13 we will be launching the Magic Online Promotional Code program. This program will provide new ways to unite paper and digital Magic experiences and give us another way we can reward our player for a variety of different brand interactions.

While we will be rolling out the Promotional Code program slowly; eventually, we will be able to offer our players many different ways to earn promo codes for digital objects in Magic Online, whether by purchasing specific products, attending events and conventions, or even just interacting with us through social media.

Players will be able to redeem any promo codes they have earned by going to the Magic Online Store, entering the code in the Promo Code field, and clicking Submit. Please note, however, that the promo code entry will only be available in the Wide Beta version of Magic Online, which you can download now

In other words, you get a code and redeem it to receive cards online. Allegedly, there will be few ways to get such code. I could see these being added to booster packs, perhaps on the advertisement cards. It would provide added value and encourage more players to try MTGO. Here is a code for the Thursday Night Magic Online Promo version of Avacyn's Pilgrim: "MTGOCodeLaunch"

However, the offer is valid for redemption by account holders whose billing address is located in the United States only.


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