Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Features for MTGO Library V4 (Part1)

In these series I will share my wishes (and yours) of new features that we want on MTGO Library V4. Some of these have been 'promised', others are yet to be revealed and 'requested'. Feel free to share  your ideas about these new features discussed or to give new ones for the next posts. Thank you.

Clan Members / Buddy discounts 

Is it possible?

This feature is very much possible on the current MTGO V3, as the game as both a special icon for Clan members and Buddy.
The process of giving extra % on buying and a % discount on selling 'seems' also easy to code, would just be another percentage adjustment on top of ML Bot correction, personal percentages, etc.
It is likely that MTGO V4 will also have some form of indication of a clan member or buddy so this feature seems to be very much possible to add.

Pros and Cons?

This feature would benefit in some ways, such as getting your regular customer "stuck" into just using your bots, would also give long lasting loyal customers a reward. Between the "profitable" reasons you also have the help of boosting your clan's number of members and position on clans leader-board (which in a way, is free advertising).

Its not all good news, as this would also mean that Non-clan/non-buddy customers would feel left out if they knew someone else gets extra tix for their cards on your bot, resulting in the 'loss' of some potential new customers. This would also mean that a clan member seeing the bot's prices advertised on classifieds or Wikiprice will not see the real price he will get, Making him choose to get a certain card on other bot for 41tix because you bot sells for 42, unaware that with the discount would just be 40 or less. 

 Will this feature be in the MTGO V4?

As far as conversations about this gone with Albert (the maker of MTGOLibrary bots) it seems to be a very likely scenario that this feature will be present in MTGO Library V4 bots. 

What are your thoughts on this feature? Will it have any use for your bots? Any new features you would like to see discussed for next part? Leave a comment bellow!

Next feature Hint: Auto-Transfers


  1. I would definately use it to promote my bots! I think it's just pure awesomeness to be able to give clan members discount!

  2. This is something I would definitely use. As it stands right now, I go through my logs once a week and look for my friends/clan members, updating them with an additional % of their purchases in bot credit. This would save me that work :)

  3. Very cool concept. Looking forward to this feature.

  4. An idea:
    the classified messages (and the trading messages) could automatically report both the prices. For instance, when you write #GTC_sell#, the classified message will be something like:
    "Aurelia, the Warleader 8.50 (8.00 for clan)"

    After a bit, ppl will get used to the "double pricing".

  5. would drastically reduce number of advertised cards thou.
    Id rather have a #gtc_>2_buysell# command

    showing up as:
    Stomping Ground|5.0/5.5|
    Not sure would be much useful or not thou (card had to be higher than 1 owned and under buy max)