Sunday, March 24, 2013

You Make The Card 4

Three times in the past, Wotc allowed the Magic community to come together to collectively design a Magic card in a process called "You Make the Card". And You Make the Card returns once again!

In first week we could voted on card type and in total over 88,700 votes were casted. Land received 26,56 % votes to 26,53 % Enchentment. The vote was extremely close, almost a tie between land and enchantment. Because the vote was so close, WotC did a runoff vote between the two highest vote-getters. We don't know the results yet. In future votes, the top vote-getters are within two percentage points from each other, WotC will conduct a similar run-off vote. Soon we will find out whether either Land or Enchentment goes to the next round. Then, another poll will be conducted until the card is created.

In previous editions of You Make The Cards players created:
Forgotten Ancient, printed in Scourage
Crucible of Worlds, first appearing in Fifth Dawn
Vanish into Memory, in Coldsnap


  1. Do you have a link for information on this?