Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Infinite Combos in Standard Pauper

The most affordable format on Magic Online just got more interesting with the release of Dragons of Tarkir.

Combos! True infinite combos using only the most recent commons!

Combo #1 
First rrmedio1 places second in MPDC 29.01 with his deck "Jeskai Trollkens"

Deck list here:

The combo is Midnight Guard + Ornithopter + Retraction Helix + Impact Tremors.

Resolve Retraction Helix on Midnight Guard. Return Ornithopter to hand. Play Ornithopter. Midnight Guard untaps. Impact Remors does 1 damage to the opponent. Return Ornithopter to hand with Midnight Guard. Rince and repeat. Voila! 1.000.000 damage!

Combo #2
Forli placed second in SPDC 29.01 with his deck "Scribe Combo".

Deck list here:

This time the combo is Spidersilk Net + Retraction Helix + Zephyr Scribe + Elusive Spellfist

Zephyr Scribe and Elusive Spellfist need to be in play. Play Retraction Helix on Zephyr Scribe. Play Spidersilk Net. Zephyr Scribe untaps. Elusive Spellfist grows bigger. Return Spidersilk Net to hand. Play it again. Rince and repeat. 1.000.000 unblockable damage. Pray that the opponent does not have removal or protect your Spellfist with Glint.

These combos will not be around for long as Retraction Helix is rotating this fall. Use them when you have them!

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