Sunday, April 19, 2015


Hi Everyone!

Tempest Remastered is coming out in a couple weeks (May 6). It's basically a mashup of Tempest block with all the "money" cards. It's only going to be available for three weeks and includes Wasteland, Intuition, and City of Traitors (and the rest of the "expensive" cards).

Let's all think way back to last year with Vintage Masters. I found that prices for the Vintage Masters "expensive" cards dropped significantly after Vintage Masters went off sale. It appeared to me as if Magic Online players truly do only have interest in the shiny new thing.

While there will be a short term time early in Tempest Remastered sale where prices drop then go up because many people will be trying to hoard Tempest Remastered then unload them at their peak a week before it goes off sale.

I think the best strategy for this set will be to wait until the set is off sale so the "craze" is over and the people who bought the cards for short term profits unload them. Then there should be excess cards in the market and they will be sold cheaply, that's when I'll be picking them up and waiting for a while to sell for a tidy profit.

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