Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tempest Remastered

As I explained earlier Tempest Remastered was created to add more Wastelands into circulation, keeping in the very same time prices of other good cards balanced. Few days ago, Wizards presented the complete visual spoiler of Tempest Remastered, including rarity. To make a long story short, Wasteland is a rare card. It means that your chance to open a Wasteland is equal 5,66%, what is still better result than it was in Tempest block.

Other playable cards and their rarity.
Humility - mythic
Grindstone - mythic
Mox Diamond - mythic
Aluren - rare
City of Traitors - rare
Intuition - rare
Meditate - rare
Wasteland - rare
Lotus Petal - uncommon

I've included only cards, that are worth few bucks now. Click here to check full spoiler
TPR draft queues start on May, 6 and they will be firing for just 3 weeks.

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