Monday, April 15, 2013

Card Log - What is it?

Some time ago a new feature on the MTGO Library website was offered to us.  The Card Log can be accessed through the Control Panel. The Card Log is a useful tool for tracking trade information and statistics on a card

New features can be intimidating to make use of without training so we will take you through each field and explain what you need to do and how this tool can be used to improve your ML Bot experience!

Blue - Card Name
This field requires the name of the card you wish to track trades of. It is not case sensitive, but does require the full card name. You cannot search for One Thousand Lashes by using the term "Lashes". However, you could search for One Thousand Lashes using the search term "OnE ThOuSaNd LaShEs".

Orange - Set
In this field you specify from which set the card in question belongs to. One Thousand Lashes belongs to Gatecrash exclusively so you would set this field to GTC. If a card has been printed in multiple sets you may wish to search each set it has been printed in.

Green - Buddy 
Buddy is an optional field that allows you to single out an individual and what trades of that particular card that buddy has made with the bot. This can be a valuable tool for tracking down specific support questions for a user, or tracking unusual trades from an individual.

Red = From/To 
From/To is another optional search feature that allows you to limit your search to a specific period of time. This could be useful to track changes by using two card searches over different periods of time. One week versus three months could give an insight into whether a card has recently become popular.

Purple = Bot
In this option you can specify whether you wish to search for trades taking place on a single bot, all bots attached to the account, or all bots attached to a chain. This is useful if you're having trouble with a single bot or run different kinds of bots that require different forms of attention.

Orange - Purchased/Sold
This result field provides useful data on the amount of cards you have trade and sold. This field also includes average, minimum and maximum buying prices.

Teal - Average Profits and Profits in Last X trades
These two boxes will show you the average profit per card you will make as well as the profit you have made over the last X trades. This field is particular useful in finding out if a card has been priced at a value that has cost your bot to lose on trading that card.

Yellow - Trade Details
Last of all this field will show you specific trade information on when it took place, what bot was involved, to whom it was traded to, if it was a purchase or a sale and what it was purchased/sold for.


  1. Right today I found a bug :-) The "trades" are not correctly counted in the Card Log.
    In a couple of days I will fix it

  2. when selling tix for credit it will also get marked as "cards sold" on the graphs. not sure this can be fixed as its a "selling mode" trade.

  3. Thanks, I will fix this too. Selling "tixs for credit" should not be counted as cards sold

  4. Still can't search cards like Sphinx's Revelation with (') in them.

    Also found some weird trades registered there that i never received by emails that do not show in trade logs with the card name nor when i look through trades made by the traders name of a specific date that 'traded out' lots of cards for way bellow my selling prices + was never sent to me by email, within a few minutes, with tons of names/traders, weird.
    Also i almost never get 'traded out or traded in' makes it even more suspecious.

    1. Hey Bert,
      I've also noticed error's when searching for information on tickets with an apostrophe in their names. I submitted an email and screenshot to Albert about this earlier on today.


  5. In the trade logs when a user collects tixs manually since another bot didn't have anymore it skews the quick stats and it would be nice if it is separated some how from the total value received vs total value given to make sure profit margins accurate. As well as credit received per trade makes most trades skew to false profits per trade, and later also to false sales when user is actually cashing in on his credit less than a tix... So how would we separate this to ensure easier bot price optimum? I think this can be fixed by more clearly defining value of purchased cards vs the actual purchase price excluding credit.

  6. I have just fixed a bug:
    all the cards taken during a "trade" (trader modality, I mean) were counted as sold (opposed to bought), while all the cards given were counted as bought (opposed to sold). In a nutshell, the trades were not correctly counted

  7. The bug of the "'" still holds

  8. Cards with ' and , are now fixed, you can search for them in the Cardlog :-)