Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Last time Albert has asked for suggestions for what should be added features for Library v4, with an emphasis on features to make the bot more self-sufficient.  At the time of this writing, the requested features seem to fall into the following categories:

Auto-transfer: The ability to move product from one bot to another.  Features here include micro-sessions, conditional transferring based on collection status, and the ability to refill after trade sessions. 

Pricing: Currently, the pricing model is static.  You want card X, it costs Y, in a take-it-or-leave-it fashion.  This model is evolving.  You see it in retail stores, where if a customer has a loyalty card, there is a percentage discount applied to all purchases.  Why can’t Library have such a feature?  This could allow for partnerships with clans.

Another feature is to adjust the price based on the number of cards on the bot or collection.  This feature can adjust itself to rapid fluctuations in the market that might not be reflected in the wikiprice.  A card which has 32 copies in the collection would be priced differently than if there are only 2 copies of said card available.

Remote administration: This is a feature which I would like to see expanded.  This feature would allow the user to administer changes to the bot through the web portal rather than going into the bot itself, shutting it down, while making changes, be they large or as simple as ticking a check box to allow for trading cards from a new set.  This would have the advantage of more uptime for the bot, it also allows for server-side backup of settings so recovering a bot from a crash or upgrading a machine is painless.

These are wonderful features and need a total rewrite to implement.  These are not things which can be added by adding a dozen lines of code.

I’ve been one of the writers of this blog for about two years now and I would like to know what topics would my audience like for me to discuss on these pages.  Do you want some theory or practical articles?  Do you wish more articles based on LITE or PRO versions?  Please leave your suggestions in the comments field and please set me know how many and what types of bot you run.

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