Monday, April 22, 2013

Limited Space (Part 1)

With the current high cost per GB on high performance SSD Drives, shrinking our precious bots/virtual machines disk usage is crucial for success and keeping the spending on the minimum.
Every now and then I do spend some time tuning my virtual machines for performance and try to keep them as much low resources as possible (using less memory, disk space, cpu).
From removing pretty much every windows service and application to deleting all cards images from MTGO folder, there are unlimited places to cut down resources and improve your bot's performance but until today I hadn't though of something way simpler that would give me a massive advantage.

So my questions to everyone that uses virtual machines to run MTGO Library bots are:

How much memory (RAM) do you set for each Virtual Machine?
Do you use any Pagefile within the VM OS (shouldn't on a SSD)?
How much disk space do you use per VM?

I'll come back to you with mine on the next few days.


  1. Just built a new server to be able to handle V4 (Hopefully).
    The new server setup has a total of 48gb RAM, divided on 15 bots running at 3GB each. No pagefile as the bots run on SSD. Also, 10gb disk space per VM.

  2. ML Bot takes around 130 MB of Ram. Mtgo v3 takes 700-800 MB. A slim WinXP or Win7 server should thus be able to run with 1.5 GB Ram. The truck here is to disable all the unused features... and Win7 has many!

  3. I was running 5GB Space per bot. Now im testing a setup of 1gb Space per bot, 1.8gb ram each, no pagefile, restart(Mtgolibrary) every 2 hours.

  4. my biggest task is to get .net framework on it atm as it requires 1 gb free space before installing

  5. I have an old Acer laptop with Windows XP and 1GB RAM. The naked XP takes 137 MB (amazing XP), and I am able to run MTGO + ML Bot. Not at full speed, because MTGO consumes too much, but still I can run one bot on one GB of ram

  6. I am currently running 8 bots on an i5-3570K. Tried running 9 but the processor couldn't handle it.
    Currently have the bots set at 1.8-1.9 gb ram with no pagefile (SSD disk).
    I have the VM disk size set to 7gb, but the clean install takes up 3.2gb on the disk (while not running) using a stripped down XP.

    I am thinking of building another machine and was thinking of going with an AMD FX-8350. Would love to hear if anyone has anyone has any experience with this processor.

    1. my i5 2500k handles 8 bots with cpu usage bouncing between 25-50%
      You sure u cant make yours run 9?

      Make sure all VM's are 1 cpu 1 core machines.

    2. The VMS are all 1 cpu/core. My processor is generally at 50%-80%. I am not very tech savy so I haven't overclocked the processor or anything so it still runs at 3.4ghz. Perhaps this is why it can't handle more?

    3. surely does as mine is running at 4.4ghz on stock voltage.
      Doesnt make much sense buying a "K" cpu and not clock it ;)

    4. Looks like I know how I will be spending this weeks downtime :)
      Any guidelines so I don't melt my processor?

    5. I can help you step by step via skype
      user: cbflazaro

      but in short , keep your default Vcore (1.15-1.20) and increase the CPU Ratio (multiplier) slowly. and testing with Prime95 inbetween to see what temps you're getting.

      Do not have your CPU going at 70+C at full load (60-65 would be ideal).

      General rule:
      More voltage = +stability but hotter
      Less Voltage= less stable at high overclocks but cooler

      dont overvolt your CPU higher than 10% default Vcore.

      Some boards have software that do this for you under Windows. Others you'll need to go BIOS.

      With a basic cooler your should be able to do 3.8-4ghz (38/40x100) without problems. With watercooling (4.2-4.5 for 24/7 use)

      (i havent seen this whole guide but should give u a general guide)

    6. Thanks for the link. Just finished watching it and installing the diagnostics utilities. It appears that I'm running quite hot as it is. Around 75-80 degrees at 1.164v or higher. Does changing the clock speed affect the temperature or will the temperature run the same as long as I don't up the voltage? (assuming I can leave the voltage as is without the system becoming unstable)

    7. overclocking will increase temperatures.
      with the regular loading of CPU (constant 25-75%) my CPU doesnt go over 50C.

      You might have to consider a better heatsink/cooling, or even just have a clean up inside the machine. (vacuum cleaner does wonders). maybe some thermal paste etc

  7. I currently run VMWare Workstation 8 on a

    AMD Phenom II x4 945 (quad core, 3GHz)
    Windows 7 Pro (64-bit)
    8GB RAM
    150GB Primary HD for OS & Applications (SATA;Platter)
    500GB Secondary HD for VM's (SATA;Platter)

    Each of my 3 VM's is:
    Single Processor/Single Core
    Windows XP
    1GB RAM
    1500-1550 MB limit as System managed swap
    10GB HD

    No problems, no stuttering. Takes a few seconds for bot to prep a trade, but acceptable until I can build a new machine.

    This is also my primary machine for Visual Studio and playing MTGO.


  8. 12 bots:

    8core 4.2ghz
    32gb ram
    250gb ssd

    Each bot get 2 gb ram and 11 gb disk space