Sunday, April 14, 2013

History of deck names

Have you ever wondered from where the deck names come from? Some deck names are clear to figure out, such as Affinity. It was named after Affinity mechanics. Other decks include few capital letters, for instance BUG. These letters come from the name of colors the deck uses. But, great majority of decks owe the name to its inventor creativity. Let me expand on several mysterious deck names:

The Rock refers to the wrestler's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The deck originally used Phyrexian Plaguelord card and Dwayne Johnoson resembled this card.
Solitary -  in other words "Enchentress". Deck based on enchentments. Partly it was named after card Solitary Confinement, but mostly because playing the deck was pretty much like playing Solitaire. You don't really care what your opponent does, and it takes forever to win.
Death and Taxes is a reference to the creatures it runs, almost all of whom extract some sort of "tax" in the form of a debilitating ability. It is also a reference to the saying saying "Nothing is certain but D&T".
Zoo because most of the creatures were after animals: Kird Ape, River Boa, Savannah Lions etc.
Caw Blade. The falcons makes sound "caw", like cat does "meow". The blade is for equipments in deck.
Temporary Solution was about finding sliver bullets for different types of danger
Eva Green was named after actress, which inventor of the deck liked the most.
Ponza named after Italian fastfood "ponza rotta".
Solar Flare named after major Dragon Ball's technique, because Angel of Despair looks like Krilin.
Team America. The name was a reference to the vast differences between European and American legacy metagames, and was a homage to a lot of cards that rarely see play in America.

Do you know the other deck names history? Feel free to share with us.

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