Friday, April 19, 2013

MTGO Library Bot 5.76 has been released

As many of you probably know, ML Bot cannot handle items with the collector number greater than 999. Such a high number is OK for all the sets save for the problematic PRM set: the Promotional set, in fact, groups many re-preinted cards and here the collector number can easily go > 1000 (for example PRM Rubblehuck has cardnumber 1085).

ML Bot 5.76 is still not able to handle those cards but it includes a mechanism that we will use in the future. As soon as the entire ML Bot community will use a version of the Bot >= 5.76, we will release an updated pricelist (the file "CardsMTGO3.txt") properly modified to support the missing cards. The new pricelist will contains lines like:

01 000 01 000 00188 GTC M Prime Speaker Zegana# 5.540 18.040 3.870 12.630

instead of the current:

01 000 01 000 188 GTC M Prime Speaker Zegana# 5.540 18.040 3.870 12.630

adding two extra digits to the cardnumber (in the example 188). ML Bot will always be backward compatible with the old format, but we will release as official pricelist only the new format.

ML Bot 5.76 fixes also a problem with the #PP_sell# command for the Classified Messages/Trading Room, unable to display the Boosters properly.


  1. Thanks. Any news on the auto transfer limit of 75? :)

  2. oh and my bots aren't detecting the 5.76 yet.

    1. Are your bots still not detecting 5.76? I see someone has already updated.

      The 75 transfer limits for the Autotransfer will be removed soon. I just have to make sure that everything works as expected: the last thing I want is a bot uncapable to refill just because 1 card out of 400 is not in the pricelist and thus the bot is unable to read it...

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. That was probably me, Albert. I updated this morning around 7am EST (12pm GMT I believe).

    4. The update is usually available 5-10 minutes after the post on the blog. If you read the post right after the publication, and try to download the bot immediately... it won't work

    5. I think i tried very close to the post time thats why. after 15 min or so , it worked.