Monday, April 8, 2013

MTGO Library Bot 5.74 has been released

ML Bot 5.74 is now available, fixing many little bugs.

After the huge success of the Unlimited Pricelist subscription launched last Friday (here), we decided to redesign the function that downloads the pricelist and make it more robust. After each download, the bot now checks for the integrity of the pricelist and do not use it if it isn't ok (this happens for example when the internet connection breaks).

We also disabled and checked by default the checkbox "Seller/Buy consistency" in the General Tab, as this a feature that should always be on. The "Regular/Foil consistency" remains up to you.


  1. some bots will not want the consistency box ticked

    A good example is a well know foil bot that puts sell prices under the buy prices, attracting bot-raiders/scammers hopping they can just sell and buy a card repeatedly and "steal" the bot. They sell them a card worth 40 for 30 thinking they can buy it back for 28 and repeat the process, just to realize that the bot only buys, doesn't sell.

    Also bots that only sell (don't buy) that might have random configurations (such as selling commons -80% and leaving buying at 0% everywhere) might get their sell prices raised.

    This is all easily fixed for them thou.

  2. Hello Carlos,

    you are right. You suggest (please confirm) to force the checkbox ONLY on mixed bots, for example buyer+seller, or buyer+seller+trader.... is this correct?

  3. well in a way yes. or make it skip the check if bot just checks if bot is a trader (or both seller+buyer)

  4. made no sence.
    Make it skip if bot is only buyer or only seller.

  5. Hi Albert,
    I agree with Carlos and would like to have this feature ONLY work if the bot operates in both BUY & SELL mode. Otherwise, if the bot is ONLY buy or sell, it will NOT force a check of the buy/sell price.