Thursday, April 4, 2013

New feature: Unlimited Price Updates.

Hello fellow botters,

I have a great announcement to make, starting April 5th (tomorrow) ML Bot will be offering unlimited downloads of the pricelist, for all your bots, at one fixed price. No more worrying about old prices or struggling trying to balance the number of downloads to keep competitive: you can have all your bots download the pricelist as often as you want.

The unlimited price list applies to all your bots, including future ones and regardless of the number.
The price you are wondering? 12 usd a month or 15 tickets a month, but there will be an introductory price for the first week (from April 05th till April 12th) of just 8 usd or 10 tixs.

How does this help me?

This new feature will allow you to download prices every hour unlimited, therefore keep your card prices in the current market. This will keep you safe from sudden price fluctuations that can potentially cost you money. 

Is it cost efficient?  

Yes, for  92% of ML bots this is a better option than individual price updates. I created a chart for pricing that shows you what you would pay without Unlimited price updates! (the chart refers to 12 usd, not the initial 8 usd price).

To me this is a no brainer, April 5th I will be signing up my account for this new great feature and gain the peace of mind. Have any questions? Email me. 

Modo handle: Teamstoge

Happy Botting!


  1. What about who has Pro Lifetime account?

    1. Pro license already enjoy free price updates, this will not be affected.

  2. The PRO licenses (regardless of the duration) already benefit from free pricelist. Think about the y-axis as "number of bots without pro license"