Saturday, April 6, 2013

Unlimited free pricelists - avalaible now ! is launching a new tool, the Unlimited Pricelists.

- The current situation
Before today, one had to pay 0.200 tixs for each download of the pricelist. For example, if one has 3 bots and each bot updates the prices every 6 hours, the account globally downloads a total of 360 pricelists per month. At 0.2 tixs / download, it's 72 tixs / month, a lot of money. To prevent the expense one can adopt a number of strategies, for example reducing the numbers of download per day (1 per day instead of  4) or switch some bots from PRO to LITE.
In fact all the solutions are suboptimal, and I have to admit this has been a big problem so far.

- Unlimited pricelists
From today, you can now sign for Unlimited Pricelists. What is it? In a nutshell it's a subscription that allows the download of the pricelist for free. The subscription applies to all your bots, regardless of the number, even to bots you will add in the future.
The cost, valid till next Friday,  is 8 usd/month or 12 tixs/month: in the majority of the cases this is much less than the sum of the 0.2 downloads mentioned above.
*** UPDATE: Just a quick note, because I received many emails with the same question: the Unlimited Pricelist applies also to the automatic downloads from the bot. ***

- Benefits for the botter
The benefits for the botter are mainly economical - paying less for more pricelists. Having a bot always updated with the prices means a better market for the collection.
I won't talk more about this, I think every botter could explain the benefits better than me.
- Benefits for
Altough -economically speaking- the Unlimited Pricelists seems a non-sense for, we don't think so. We discussed a lot before the launch, and the general feeling is that we can offer a better product and that having "bots more updated on the market" will benefit us indirectly (for examples with more trades, or more PRO licenses subscriptions).

- Single downloads
Of course the old 0.2 downloads still hold. We don't force you at this, just think to Unlimited Pricelists as a new tool strapped on your belt.


  1. Lol Albert, signing now :) . Do I have to wait for an updated version of the bot?

  2. No pette, any version of the bot is fine. There is no need for a new release

  3. Albert, this new unlimited price update subscription is awesome! I am tired of getting raided all the time whenever a card price fluctuates drastically, this should help a lot by allowing me to update my prices much more often. It also makes it much easier to open up new bots because I don't have to pay for more price updates. The price is great and well worth it. Thanks for the great new feature!

  4. Just a quick note, because I received many emails with the same question: the Unlimited Pricelist applies to the automatic downloads from the bot too.