Friday, April 5, 2013

New Features for MTGO Library V4 (Part3)

In these series I will share my wishes (and yours) of new features that we want on MTGO Library V4. Some of these have been 'promised', others are yet to be revealed and 'requested'. Feel free to share  your ideas about these new features discussed or to give new ones for the next posts. Thank you.


What can be improved?

  • Removal of the Buying Prices from price list
  • Buying price becoming a set fraction of the selling price.

Is it possible?

 It would be easy to implement and to code. For example if Auriok Champion is priced at 11.67 and you had a buying price of 80% (-20%) , your bot would offer 9.336 for that card.

Pros and Cons? 

As pros we have the fact that would be easier to configure and understand the profit margins of your bot.
The bad side would be the cards that require bigger or smaller profit margins. Cards that have a more regular and stable value, for example, a card that as been always worth around 10 event tickets, is likely to have a buying price of 8 and sell price of 10.0, while a card that as a inconstant value will have a bigger margin like buying for 6 and selling for 10.

Will this feature be in the MTGO V4?

 I have no idea as this feature would bring both advantages and disadvantages.

What are your thoughts on this feature? Would it have any use for your bots? Any new features you would like to see discussed for next part? Leave a comment bellow!

Next feature Hint: Type of Buyer(Wishlist vs Reading Collection)

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