Thursday, April 11, 2013

Unlimited Pricelist Downloads ends tomorrow

Just a quick reminder for those who forgot about it.

Tomorrow will be the last day we'll be offering the Unlimited Pricelist Downloads at 8usd/month.

Starting from Saturday, the price will be 12 usd/month or 15 tixs/month. (the increase will thus be +50%).

Don't miss the chance to subscribe at this exceptional price!


  1. even if you update your 1 bot once a day. (0.2x30) = $6 is still more beneficial to update it EVERY hour/2hours for $2 more a month.

    Some cards suffer huge fluctuations in less than 24 hours due to tournaments/mtg stars blogs/etc

  2. Perfect example right now is Ash Zealot[RTR]. Over the last few hours, it's gone from 1.8 to roughly 1.5. While .30 may not seem like a huge amount to some folks, that's roughly a 16.7% drop!

    Over the sale of a complete play set, one is looking at a potential loss of 1.20tix on just that trade alone. If this were to occur just twice, they would already be paying more than the cost of an upgrade.

  3. Good analysis! Having a more efficient & updated bot can ONLY have a positive effect. I don't think the other chains out there can benefit from so frequent and reliable updates