Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MTGO Library Bot 5.72 supports 400 cards

I hope you spent a good holiday and had an happy Easter!
As announced on Friday, today we release ML Bot 5.72, officially supporting trades up to 400 cards.

We took the change to improve a lot of small things, first of all the speed of reading the 'You Get'/'You Give' columns. We also improved the quality of the OCR because it sometimes failed (and so the bot had to read everything again....).

We also slightly changed the "card list" messages the bot prompts while trading (messages like |2x Watery Grave 3.00) to make them more readable. We changed the way the bot alternates the blue and black colors and the usage of the symbols. All this was necessary because a huge list with 400 items can quickly became un-readable.

ML Bot 5.72 fixes also a minor problem with the bot GUI, sometimes not saving correctly the "free download pricelist at updates" checkbox.

Hope you enjoy this update, and welcome to the new 400-cards limit!


  1. wishlist buying is still a bit messed up (picks 400 cards, asks to wait 40 seconds to remove 20 cards, then spends 10 minutes removing 1 card by 1 card , removing everything)

    other than that, this is good news.

  2. Wishlist is so badly supported from MTGO. It just picks all the cards matching the name, and the bot has to remove them one by one.... that's terrible. I will see what I can do bot-side, speeding things up, but the removal will always be time consuming

  3. Thanks Albert, I've been waiting for this all weekend!

  4. Just updated to 5.72 and everything works fine. I'm now waiting for the first trade with 400 cards :)
    @carlos: my wishlist is pretty large and it discards just a few cards. If your bot buys few sets then the Collection Reading buying mode is better.

  5. the problem is for example, if your bot buys 24 of all cards, (bulk bot) it will pick always 24 forest 24 mountain etc etc. because it wont have the unhinged ones obviously(or any other set)

    that on its own its 100 cards a wishlist bot has to remove on every trade (as long as the bot buys 24 of each card).

    My suggestion to Albert was a mixed mode. where the bot uses wishlist to quickly load rares/mythics and then just scans commons/uncommons on reading collection mode.

  6. Hmm...I'm unfamiliar with the bot wishlist feature. Where can I find out more information on this?

    Great news on the 400 card trades, already had a few. Now if we could just get the auto-transfer of cards to work like this that would be great!

    Speaking of auto-transfer, is there a way to turn off the emails for transfers of quantity 0?