Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Profits! How to calculate them.

Hello Fellow Botters,

Today I will talk about calculating profits. Everyday, about 3 times a day I get and email, Pm, or Skype message asking me "how do you calculate profits"? I have been thinking about it for sometime now and I came up with a way to figure this out by combing a few tools already available to us.

Before we get started you will need to download MTGO Tool that was created by Sebastian B. a few months back. You can download that (Click here). Next you will need to download and excel file calculator that I created you can down load that (Click here).

This profit calculator takes into account price fluctuations and it will give you a total profit dollar amount for your chains (up to 6 bots per chain)

Ok so lets get started:

Step 1:  Download your CSV file from your Magic Online bot account.
Go to collection -----> Select all -----> Right click and export.

Step 2:  Open the MTGO Tool (Run in administrator)
Load your current CardsMTGO3 file and load your CSV file you download in step 1.
You will use the results of this in step 3.

Step 3: Input data into ProfitCalc.xls
Use the chart below to help you.

A). Input data from your Csv file using the MTGO Tool (step 2) week 1
B). Put any price corrections you use with your bots
C). Input data from your Csv file using the MTGO Tool (step 2) week 2
D). Put any price corrections you use with your bots.
E). Total profit between week 1 and week 2 ( keep in mind it might not all be in actual tickets, some could be in collection growth)
F). Input the (+/-) difference from base amount of tickets in the bot/chain. What I mean by this, each bot should have a base amount of tickets that you want on it at all times, for instance you might want 500 actual tickets on there at all times, 500 would be your base. So if you go to your bot during this profit calculation and 550 tickets are on there then you would insert 50 in this field and take 50 tickets from your bot. So basically reset your bot to your base ticket amount and insert the difference here.

You can do this once a day, once a week, once a month, or once a year, just keep in mind you need the beginning information and the end information for what ever your duration you choose.

This takes about 10 minutes to complete with a single bot or 30 minutes for 5 bots. I made a calculator for single bots and for chains up to 6 bots.

I hope this helps everyone.

Have any questions email me: jason@mtgolibrary.com
Skype: mtgolibrary.support
Mtgo handle: teamstoge


  1. Just a quick note to anybody doing this, the program still needs to be localized. What does this mean?

    Anyone in US needs to replace "," with a "."


  2. [12:27:19 AM] Michael Bryant: I tried using the CSVCalculator you uploaded on the profit calculator page, I right click, run as adminstrator, and I get this:
    [12:27:27 AM] Michael Bryant: Files that help describe the problem:

    Read our privacy statement online:

    If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:
    [12:27:34 AM] Michael Bryant: in an error box

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